Welcome to the Display Identification Data database

Through this website I try to share display identification information (like EDID, E-EDID, DisplayID, etc.) of all sorts of devices.

Current devices and information

Download Manufacturer Model Conformity Data summary Tool
Hitachi-22LE6780E A-EDID.txt
Hitachi-22LE6780E A.bin
Hitachi 22LE6780E A EDID 1.3
ID Manufacture Name
ID Product Code
ID Serial Number
Week of Manufacture
Year of Manufacture
Extron EDID Manager (79-536-01)

Add your device

All device information is welcome. For sharing your device information please send an e-mail to iwanluijks@gmail.com containing the manufacturer, model name, device data standard (EDID, E-EDID, etc..) + version and off course the actual EDID or alike data. More information is welcome and just as important as the former mentioned information is the name of the software used to gather the data.